Christmas time and your pomeranian

Christmas holidays are with us, you may be enjoying staff parties or dinner with friends. An important factor to consider is our Pomeranians. We know that pets for most of us are treated as family members and should have the same involvement in this festive season.
Christmas pomeranians
Dogs are best managed when they have routines to follow as much as possible. It’s not an excuse that there is a big event going on we skip his daily walk because that will result in miss behaviour when it’s least desired.
It’s also known that during this season will have a lot of food leftovers that they should never be allowed to eat. This can cause serious problems like choking or stomach upsets.
Make sure that your family and friends know not to sneak scraps for health and safety reasons. Mention to them that he has plenty of food to enjoy.
Holidays may cause your Pomeranian more stress, partly because maybe we humans are more stressed out and they can sense it. New Year’s Eve fireworks may frighten him because of the loud sounds and bright flashlights. Keep him safe and secure where he can’t see the lights.

Ponsietta is dangerous because it’s poisonous to canines.

Keep your pom safe from Mistletoe, Holly and Poinsettia plants that are extremely poisonous to our canines and that they should be kept beyond their reach. To avoid also letting them chew the electric lights on the Christmas tree as this can cause an electric shock or even fatality. Presents have glue/or tape that can be poisonous to them. However, make sure that there is a gift for them also under the tree so that they can have some healthy fun opening and playing with presents.