Preparing your Pomeranian for Halloween night

It’s the big night!  Make sure you have plenty of treats for the dog on hand, for reward purposes. Certainly, this is not the ideal night to try and get a fearful dog get over certain fears. If you have been working with your dog all month and they are still afraid of things, you need some management for the night.
Halloween can be a fun time to dress up the dogs and kids and go to a party or hand out sweets. However, for dogs with anxiety or fear, October is a frightful month, full of monsters (literally!) at every house, strange sounds, and way too many people coming to the door. Help your dog get through this scary season with these training and management tips.

Pommy halloween
Is your Pomeranian ready for Halloween?

Help your dog get through this scary season with these training and management tips.For the (still) fearful dog:

For the (still) fearful dog:

Recommended to take your dog out for a walk early, before trick-or-treaters come out.
Put them in a room away from the front door.
Give them a fun toy, chew bone, to keep them distracted
Turn on a TV or radio to provide some “white noise”
Put a note on your door asking kids to not ring the doorbell or knock. Instead, either leave the sweets on the porch, sit on the porch with it, or leave your door open.
If your dog responded well to your work leading up the Halloween, have them with you to continue reinforcing that all these strange things and people mean treats. But don’t overdo it. Don’t make your dog sit there for hours if they seem a bit stressed.

Above all, be safe and watch your dogs for signs of stress. Stressed and scared dogs bite, and you don’t want yours biting a child or parent out of fear. Halloween is fun, but it’s not for every dog. If you think there is even a chance your dog may not enjoy the festivities, it’s better to leave them out than to have the unthinkable happen.